The social-impact and purpose-first landscape is riddled with sensitivities that have been overlooked, or insensitively portrayed for too-long. As we move to a culture of inclusion, tolerance and empathy, it's our mission to help our clients understand every perspective, and tell stories in a new way. 

We approach all awareness campaigns from these foundational pillars.

  1.  It's not about you. It's not about us. Purpose driven work is about the people centric to the work. Full time staff, community members, advocates for change, the people who are championing the work day-in-and-day-out. We help our clients take themselves OUT of the narrative, and put the key players in. 
  2. Understand the ethics. Unfortunately, good intentions do not translate to good campaigns. There are deep, long-lasting complexities that come with purpose driven work, and it's essential to develop an ethical parameters for how capture  the projects you support. Making a donation does not give you the right to photograph or interview every person you encounter in your endeavours. To see detailed storytelling guidelines, contact us
  3. Evaluate intentions. The most essential piece is to evaluate where your intentions to "make and impact" are coming from. Due to the sensitivity of this this work, timelines can be arduously slow, and yield very little progress. If your motivation is to "appear" good, rather than to do honest good work, you are setting yourself up for failure.